Boat Ramp

  • 2 lane paved boat ramp
  • Plenty of parking
  • Lighted and open 24 hours a day for campers
  • Courtesy load/unload pier
  • $5.00 per day of use
  • $60.00 annual passes available

Boat Ramp Etiquette

The following tips are offered to assist you when launching and recovering your boat. To avoid unnecessarily blocking the ramp, conduct as much of the operation in the lot as possible.

Launch (Recovery is basically in reverse order)

  1. Be sure all required safety equipment and registration are on board. Load your food, fishing gear or other equipment before you get to the ramp.
  2. Ensure tongue is securely fastened to ball hitch, remove tie downs.
  3. Check condition of battery, motor and angle of drive unit.
  4. Ensure boat plugs are firmly in place.
  5. Move to ramp and launch. Check drive unit prior to backing down ramp. (Having a lookout or someone in the boat is helpful)
  6. If possible, use two people to launch your boat – the driver and the boat tender.
  7. Unhook bow safety restraint, power or pull off trailer.
  8. Run blower, start boat, move to dock for passenger pickup. (If alone, secure boat quickly and move vehicle off ramp.) Be courteous, the less time you spend on the ramp or at the dock the more other boaters will appreciate you.
  9. If you have an assistant, instruct the person tending the boat to move it far enough away from the ramp and adjacent dock that it doesn’t impede other boaters launching or loading.

Please remember these points, too.

  1. When ready to load, don’t pull your boat into the launch lane until your vehicle and trailer is in the water. It is the order of the vehicles that determines the order of loading.
  2. Never block the ramp with an unattended vehicle or boat.
  3. After the boat is on the trailer, secure the bow safety restraint, and move the vehicle and trailer to the tie-down area so you don’t impede traffic trying to launch or retreive.
  4. Carefully tie down your vehicle, check that your hitch is secure and lights are plugged in, remove all items that could blow out of boat during travel and move out of the tie-down area to make room for others.
  5. Disconnect your tail lights while preparing the boat for launch. That cools the bulbs so they don’t burst when submerged.
September 3 - Rib Cook Off 2023

2nd Annual Rib Cook Off – Sunday September 3rd, 2023

Get ready for our 2nd Annual Rib Cook Off at Little Glasses Marina and Resort! Turn in your best Spare, Babyback and St Louis style ribs at the Little Glasses store by 3:00 PM on September 3rd. The ribs must be plated in styrofoam containers. All ribs must be cooked...

Interested in a Lake Home?

Several Lake Homes for sale. Please call the store for more details. 580-795-2068

Now a Grayline Dealer

In the market for a Bait Tank or a Pedestal Seat with dry storage? Stop by the store and check out our line of Grayline products.


No ATV's are allowed in the park!!!

RV Repair Specialist

RV Repair Specialist is now available by appointment.  Please contact the store at 580-795-2068 for additional information,

Dream Maker Spas

Thinking Spas or Hot Tubs? Visit or call the store for more details.   Escaping to a serene oasis in your own home couldn’t be simpler than with Dream Maker Spas. Once your hot tub is delivered to you, just fill with water from a garden hose....

Celebrate the 4th of July with Us!!!!

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Reservations for 2021 start Aug 1, 9AM

No reservations for 2021 will be accepted before August 1, 2020 at 9 AM. No online reservations excepted.  All reservations must be made by calling the store at 580-795-2068. Leaseholders can make reservations for 2021 starting July 22nd, 2020. Thank you